Imagen de la reciente visita a la “Security Box Arret” de la planta de Vigo de PSA Peugeot Citroën.
18 September 2013

The Galician Automotive Cluster keeps on promoting internal training and knowledge management to train and develop the entire sector, thus promoting a learning culture in organizations.

The Galician automotive industry has always stood out for a strong culture of cooperation, which is also showed in the exchange of good practices among companies. An important example is the recent visit of the Training Group (part of CEAGA’s “People Network”) to the ”Security Box Arret” in the PSA Peugeot Citroën Centre of Vigo. This event was a PSA initiative with the aim of sharing its recent experience in subcontractor’s safety training and so helping launch similar models in other Cluster member companies.

Another sign of the internal knowledge exploitation is the recent collaboration of one of the CEAGA ”Lean Experts”, working at CTAG, who is teaching a training course on ”5S and visual management” at Visteon. The ”Lean Experts”, once they have completed all the training levels, have the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge in Lean Manufacturing courses, organized by CEAGA Corporate University.

Another example is the internationally awarded, ”Management and Development of New Products” Programme, organized by the CEAGA Corporate University. This initiative, starting its fourth edition next week, has a teaching team with an 80% of current professionals of the Sector; experts from CEAGA companies which transfer the Sector the knowledge, tools and experiences of their daily activity.