DIHGIGAL, the Digital Innovation Hub of the Galician Industry, integrates more than 450 entities.

HUB Industrial, foto de grupo

To support companies in their digital transformation processes and to connect the technological demand of industrial companies with the technological and knowledge offer, as well as to increase the effective transference making companies more competitive.

The Association for the Digitalization of Galician Industry, named DIHGIGAL, was designated by Galician Government as the Strategic Industrial Digital Innovation Hub for Galicia, founded by the Galician Automotive Cluster (CEAGA), Galician Food Cluster (CLUSAGA), Galician Naval Cluster (ACLUNAGA), and Galician ITC Cluster (Cluster TIC). Through this union, DIHGIGAL directly brings together 450 companies and entities, which provide employment to nearly 52,000 people, with a total turnover of 19,180 billion euros, equivalent to 30% of Galicia’s GDP.

DIHGIGAL is created with the leadership of the 4 clusters and the support of the Galician Government. This initiative is aligned with Challenge 2 (New competitive industrial model based on knowledge) of the Galician Strategy for Intelligent Specialization (RIS3).

In this context, in December 2019 it was held the signing ceremony of the agreement with which the Galician Government will support with 200,000 euros the implementation and first steps of this Digital Innovation Hub.

A Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) is a regional structure that supports and assists companies in their digital transformation processes, helping them understand what they are, how they are affected and how they can access digital technologies and how to finance and drive the investments needed to address the digital transformation. This DIH aims to provide industrial companies, especially SMEs, with the technological, digital and innovation capacities to face the challenges of the Factory of the Future.

The Hub ASOCIACIÓN PARA LA DIGITALIZACIÓN DE LA INDUSTRIA DE GALICIA is an initiative that is developed within the framework of the Galician Strategy of Digital Innovation Hubs, promoted by the Galician Government through the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry.