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Company description

Utingal S.L. was created in 1999 with the idea of responding to the new technology needs in the automotive industry, electronics, food industries, etc. The latest technology applied to all processes allows them to offer excellent quality products, services and prices, as well as meeting the most varied demands of the market. They offer their clients integrated solutions according to their needs: from the design and construction of the tools and / or equipment needed to the production and installation on-site in accordance with the client´s specifications; as well as the commissioning and later maintenance. The recognition by their clients is their greatest guarantee.

Products and services

Auxiliary services

  • Automation and robotics
  • Die-stamping and tools
  • Engineering
  • Machinery and small integrated lines
  • Maintenance and services
  • Process outsourcing
- Design and manufacture of tools, capital goods, models automatable lines etc.
- Maintenance and commissioning of capital goods.
- Machining of fibre and composites for the aeronautic industry.
- Machining of production components for the automotive industry.
- 3-dimensional metrology, laser tracking, etc.
Processes and technologies
  • Assembly
  • Metal shaping
  • Other technologies
- Engineering department: CAM design and programming.
- Machining: 3, 4 & 5 axis grinding, CNC turning, CNC grinding, wire and penetration electro-erosion, drilling and threading. They work with steel, aluminium, composites and polymers (nylons and resins).
- Metrology with 3-dimensional equipment, portable equipment and laser tracker.
- Assembly and commissioning, at their site or at the client´s.

Main customers

GKN Driveline, Grupo Antolín, Gestamp, Faurecia, Aernnova, Aciturri, Coasa, etc.

Address and phone

Parque Empresarial de Areas, Parcelas 1, 2, 3
36711 Tui
Phone: 986 607 273
Fax: 986 607 276

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