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Company description

Trèves, founded in 1836, is a recognized and global leader of automotive interiors and acoustics, providing innovative solutions for the worldwide automotive industry. Trèves deploys their in-depth knowledge of comfort and acoustics in the following four areas: cabin and boot (they are world leaders in this field); seating and components (with solutions for the various technologies imposed on the market: traditional and in-situ); textiles and coverings (applying the entire range of automotive technology available, from thread to seat covers); and motor and chassis (developing innovative solutions for acoustic comfort, thermal treatments and aerodynamics).
Trèves Galicia is a 12.000 m2 production plant and the company currently has 150 employees.

Products and services

Module or function

  • Boot
  • Engine compartment
  • Floor coating
  • Seats
- Floor soundproofing: Thermoformed PU foam carpets. Incorporation of structural elements in a range of materials such as expanded polystyrene (PES) or more rigid ones such as polypropylene inserts. Trèves Galicia´s differentiating value is their specialist knowledge in the development and manufacture of sound absorbing flooring which also incorporate the complete set of air-conditioning conduits. High-frequency welded sill plates can also be incorporated; these increase product durability as they reinforce high-wear areas.
- Interior soundproofing: made from thermoformed high density (EPDM) sheets of PU foam. Trèves Galicia has recently incorporated in their production plant the manufacture of this family of products utilising felt as the raw material.
- Headrests, armrests, footrests, cushions and backrests using traditional technology (a posteriori incorporation of textile covers) and in-situ (foam filling of pre-formed textile covers).
Processes and technologies
  • Joining processes
  • Plastic shaping
  • Textile shaping
2 circular carrousels for foaming of large dimension pieces (each has 10 positions); 1 oval carrousel for medium-sized pieces (34 available positions);
2 carpet thermoforming lines; 1 felt thermoforming line (new technology); 3 waterjet cutting machines; 2 x 50 t presses for die cutting; 1 carpet roll cutter; 1 high-frequency welder.

Main customers

Stellantis, Grupo Antolín.

Address and phone

Políg. Ind. O Campiño – Marcón Rúa Chan da Parafita 16-18
36158 Pontevedra
Phone: 986 803 100
Fax: 986 876 009

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