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Trans Pereiras, founded in 1954, is dedicated to the activity of logistics and transport, mainly destined for the automotive sector. Its mission is to be an efficient transport company and provide the best service to its customers. As for its long-term vision, it focuses on improving quality, taking into account the impact of new technologies and customer needs. In addition, it prioritizes the union between the facilities of Zaragoza and Tui to offer the client the possibility of having their product less than 300km from any point in the north of the peninsula.

Products and services

Auxiliary services

  • Logistics and transport
This company has facilities in Tui of 5,500 square meters of storage with eight loading and unloading docks, and in Zaragoza (Figueruelas) of 2,750 square meters. It also has the means and methods (control system picking) necessary to carry out its services.
Processes and technologies
  • Other technologies
Trans Pereiras has an area enabled for the recovery and selection of pieces under the customer´s guides, as well as the placement of an ERP to have virtual locations and security stock management with 24-hour urgent service.

Main customers

Grupo Copo, Jobelsa, Plusfelt, Grupo IPM, Maier Ferroplast, Lear Corporation.

Address and phone

Z. Industrial de Fenteira s/n
36720 Guillarei (Tui)
Phone: 986 213 985
Fax: 986 208 949

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