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The company provides tailor-made logistic services, specializing in providing SCM (supply chain management) solutions, integrated logistics and flow coordination towards automotive assembly lines. Their main assets are the professionalism, commitment and experience of their workforce, enable to develop and run any logistic project their clients may require, offering flexibility and adaptability at all times. It guarantees their customers a high quality service, full traceability in the logistic processes, reliability in deliveries, immediate response and close collaboration.

Products and services

Auxiliary services

  • Engineering
  • Logistics and transport
The company is specialist in logistic solutions, providing support in one or various stages of their clients´ supply chain, such as supply, transport, storage, packaging, distribution and even some activities in their production process. Furthermore, it provides logistic consulting services to their customers with the aim of improving processes.
Thanks to the fact that operations are managed and monitored using their own infrastructures, technologies and information systems, they are able to offer the best solution to their clients.
Processes and technologies
  • Other technologies
It has its own management system, which allows them to provide their clients with tailor-made solutions and to manage all the means used to ensure the security of processes. The company internally develops all the necessary specific controls to ensure a reliable service and provide their clients with all the necessary information, in the format most adequate to their needs. Other services offered by the company are: components management, development of machinery and means of supply (carts for sequence deliveries, packaging, etc.), assembly processes, modular synchronous, etc.

Main customers

Stellantis, Saint-Gobain, Antolín Group, MCSyncro, Yazaki, Valeo, Pilkington, Delphi, Constellium.

Address and phone

Avda. de Citroën, Recinto Zona Franca Naves 2, 4 y 7
36210 Vigo
Phone: 986 290 100
Fax: 986 235 383

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