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Company description

Lear Corporation Pontevedra started life in 1952 meaning that they have more than 50 years of industrial experience and tradition. In 2001 they were bought by Grupo Accionarial Antolín and at this point they started a new stage of growth and improvement; a move which brought about a general reorganization of the company in the search for greater efficiency.
In April 2017, Lear Corporation acquired the Antolín Group Seat Unit, forming part of a leading global company with great experience in quality and innovation.
With two plants, one in Porriño and the other in the north of Portugal, their activity is 100% focused on the automotive components industry. Lear Corporation Pontevedra is characterised by having its own development and industrialisation as well as the production of metal components in a range of technologies: profiling, ribboning, stamping, bending and welding. The company is oriented to customer satisfaction. Innovation is one of the pillars of the company´s strategy; their leadership and guaranteed future-proofing guarantee products with high added value.

Products and services

Module or function

  • Boot
  • Door module
  • Driving position
  • Exterior elements
  • Front End
  • Rear end
  • Roof
- Passenger protection: load separators, lateral reinforcements, bumpers.
- Structure profiling: superstructure, impact absorption, roof arches.
- Window guide parts: window guides, window separators, power window tracks, door frames.
- Functional subassemblies.
As for innovations, it is worth noting that Lear Corporation Pontevedra has developed: new profiling processes in collaboration with suppliers and technology centres; a new concept of load separators for Groupe PSA, suppliers and technology centres; and a new solution for anchoring and sliding of door guides.
Processes and technologies
  • Joining processes
  • Metal shaping
- Metal transformation: development and production of metal components in a range of technologies (profiling, ribboning, stamping, bending and welding). The company offers highly flexible designs, weight reduction and reduced material use, contributing to a low investment cost. The use of ultra-high elastic limit materials means that the final product is at the cutting edge of their clients´ needs in both price and technical characteristics.
- Lear Corporation Pontevedra also has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of tools and machinery for profiling systems.

Main customers

Stellantis, Renault, Daimler, General Motors.

Address and phone

Polígono Industrial As Gándaras Parc. R Mitad Norte
36400 Porriño
Phone: 986 823 800
Fax: 986 823 863

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