Inoxidables Fegosan, S.A.



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Main value chain Tier 2
Company description

Inoxidables Fegosan was founded in 1964, and worked in stamping and manufacturing cutlery. In 1974 the company moved into the automotive industry, working as an OEM for Citroën and General Motors. In 1988 they started to work with Dalphimetal España and Silenciadores PCG, strengthening their position as an automotive auxiliary, manufacturing components for steering wheel frames and exhaust pipes. Currently, its strategy involves the promotion of stamping activity, in addition to complementary processes for the manufacture of small modules and sub-assemblies, highlighting the areas of welding, assembly by manual resistance, robotized and MAG welding.

Products and services
Automotive Stamped Metal Parts
Processes and technologies
  • Joining processes
  • Metal shaping
Metal shaping: Stamping.
Joining processes: Welding and insertion of components.

Main customers

Faurecia Group, ZF Group, Grupo Antolin, Lear Corporation.

Address and phone

Carretera de Camposancos, 296
36330 Coruxo
Phone: 986 491 003
Fax: 986 491 350

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