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Main value chain Tier 2
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Gonvauto Galicia is a steel transformation company which belongs to Gonvarri Steel Industries (GSI), a Spanish multinational company which is a market leader in its sector. Gonvauto Galicia started out in 2004 with the aim of creating a services centre to supply their main clients in the region: Stellantis Vigo, Gestamp Vigo and Gestamp Portugal. They manufacture sheet metal for the automotive industry utilising longitudinal, transversal and silhouette cutting processes. Since its inception, Gonvauto Galicia has provided an effective and efficient service to their customers, responding flexibly to all their needs and offer a wide range of sizes and qualities, for which they utilise modern automated cutting and stacking systems. The factory receives raw materials by road, rail and sea thanks to its strategic location in Marín Port.

Products and services

Module or function

  • Raw materials
They produce coils, strips and flat format sheets of metal form steel rolls, the raw materials for the stamping, laser welding and profiling processes of their clients. They have a production capacity of 170,000 t/year and they can process the steel grades most widely used in the automotive industry, including high elastic limit materials.
Processes and technologies
  • Metal shaping
Two slashing lines, capable of cutting sheet metal up to 4mm, including high elastic limit materials. They utilise an assembly robot with cutting arm which allows high productivity and reliability in the cut.
2 silhouette cutting lines, cutting press (630 t) which can house pieces of up to 4.5 m in length. They utilise a stacking robot, a solution which is a huge innovation in the industry.
1 transverse cutting line which produces rectangular and trapezoidal pieces at high production rates.
Gonvauto Galicia offers an integrated service, from the sourcing and processing of the steel through to its delivery, including quality management. Their large warehousing facility (up to 25,000 t), together with their experience in the sector, allows the company to develop best-practice raw material management, a key point in the steelworking industry. During the development stage of new models their experience can help to achieve important cost savings in raw materials thanks to the optimised design of the cutting layouts.

Main customers

Stellantis Vigo, Gestamp Vigo, Gestamp Portugal, Lear Corporation, Snop Estampación.

Address and phone

Puerto de Marín, Zona de Expansión 1ª Fase
36900 Marín
Phone: 986 991 000
Fax: 986 891 247

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