21 January 2021

CEAGA and 15 SMEs have won, for the fourth time in a row, the first prize “Projects Agrupados Industria 4.0”, awarded by the Xunta de Galicia, through Igape.

With a score of 87.62 points, CEAGA presented the proposal most valued by Igape, focused on the digitization of industrial processes, with 15 digital transformation projects led by SMEs: Errecé – Industrial Laser Applications; Esypro Maintenance; Galician Mechanics; Goycar Galicia; Proa Industries; Ingeniería y Fabricación Del Norte, S.L. – Nort3D; Inmake Studio; Inplasor; Little Electric Car Spain; Lupeon; Mechanized Rodríguez Fernández; Otebra; RDC-Works Design To Print; Tecdisma and Vigotec.

Investments cover a wide variety of technologies: automation, machine-machine intercommunication, collaborative robotics, internet of things, digitization, sensorization, etc.

Thanks to the implementation of these 15 projects, companies will modernize, improve their competitiveness, and, as a consequence, will be able to opt for new orders, positively impacting our region.

The objective of this collaboration proposal is focused on promoting the transition of the Galician automotive industry to the “Factory of the Future”, through investment in Industry 4.0 technologies and the dissemination of experiences and results among other companies in the Sector.

In total, counting on the projects from the three previous editions, CEAGA has promoted the digital transformation in 45 SMEs representing the entire Galician automotive value chain with a total investment of more than 10 million euros.

Link to the full award resolution: http://www.igape.es/images/resolucions-definitivas/IG223.2020.1.pdf