4 March 2019

Francisco Conde, Regional Minister for Economy, Employment and Industry, met today, March 4, with members of the Cluster Foundation of Automotive Companies of Galicia (CEAGA) and the companies Ledisson Automation & IT, Emenasa Industry and Automation and Hypnon Programming, to learn about the results of the training unit on ”Advanced Programming in Industrial Robotics”, that they organized together.

The initiative, funded by the Xunta de Galicia, was launched in November 2018 with a free program of 450 hours and with a commitment to recruit more than 40% of students. The training ended last Friday, March 1st.

The meeting between the Councilor, the Cluster and the participating companies was held, this morning, at Ledisson AIT, in O Porriño, where the results of the training program were presented. The Councilor could also visit the facilities of the company expert in automation and robotics and meet the students.

A total of 12 technicians participated in the course, who were trained on specific contents related to the foundations of advanced programming in industrial robotics and collaborative robotics. The initiative was developed due to the increase in the demand for robotic devices both in the participating companies and in the rest of the companies in the automotive sector. It was aimed at unemployed people with a degree in engineering or vocational training of medium or higher grade in electricity and electronics, mechanical manufacturing, installation and maintenance or computer and communications.

In statements to the media, the Councilor for Industry, Francisco Conde, praised the initiative undertaken by CEAGA, Ledisson, Emenasa and Hypnon, highlighting that this type of initiative ”allows the companies to design the training according to the needs of its productive process”. The Councilor advanced that the Xunta de Galicia will expand by one million euros, to 4.5 million, the budget of the Training Units in the Company for this year, to respond to the significant increase in the applications submitted to this call.

The training program on ”Advanced Programming in Industrial Robotics” was designed based on the third Strategic Plan for the Competitive Improvement of the Automotive Sector of Galicia 2016-2020, with the aim of promoting the training of professionals for Industry 4.0.