Imagen del Conselleiro de Economía e Industria durante su visita a las instalaciones de CEAGA.
24 January 2013

The new Regional Minister of Economy and Industry, Francisco Conde, visited, last January 23rd, the CEAGA facilities in order to support the Action Plan for the Competitive Improvement of the Galician Automotive Sector, PAC 2020.

In this context, the Regional Minister had a meeting with the CEAGA directorate committee to evaluate the main Sector challenges and the development of the new strategic Plan, PAC 2020.

During this event, the Regional Minister of Economy highlighted the role of CEAGA, which with 91 companies, “it is a reference for other Galician Clusters, and of course, for the Sector both at national and international level”.

In this context of support by the Galician Government, a team from Igape, headed by its General Director, Javier Aguilera, visited the facilities of different CEAGA companies, such as: Viza, Marsan, PSA Peugeot Citroën and Antolín Vigo, with the aim of knowing, through the manufacture of seats, the value chain synchronization, finishing the process in the car maker’s facilities.

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