18 September 2020

Last Wednesday the project phase began in the Project Manager Automotive training program, at CEAGA Corporate University, with a session with the tutors, Josefina Otero, from CTAG, and Juan José Areal, from Groupe PSA Vigo.

In this edition there are four working groups, which will develop innovative projects proposed by the companies in Gestamp, Componentes de Vehículos de Galicia, CETEC and Autoneum.

Yesterday, the 14 participating students went to the company where they will carry out their initiative to start with the development of the projects, which will be both product and process, and will present them to an evaluation committee made up of professionals from the Sector to mid-November.

Initially, the planned start date for the projects phase was last April, but it was delayed due to the pandemic. Now the sessions and teamwork are resumed, always guaranteeing all the necessary preventive measures.

During the six months that this training program lasts, students learn to manage projects, combining theoretical sessions with practical activities in CEAGA member companies. In its first two editions, 156 innovation technicians from 49 companies were trained.