Stand Sectorial en Fisita 2008 (Munich, Alemania)
22 September 2008

FISITA (International Federation of Societies of Engineers in Automotive, for its initials in English) groups on a worldwide scheme the engineers related to the automotive sector, representing 38 countries and more than 153.000 professionals. This entity is responsible for the organization of this World Congress on the Automotive Sector.

In 2008 this biannual congress has taken place in Munich, Germany, from September 14 to September 19. It aims to bring together engineers, scientists and specialists related to the design, research, development and production of vehicles and its systems. The activities of the event (rooms of exhibition, conferences and visits on companies) are focused to achieving the necessary cooperation to create a concept of mobility that is efficient, sustainable, attainable and safe.

CEAGA has taken part in the above mentioned event with a sector stand showcasing its interactive demonstrator: the Cluster Car. The event has been a perfect platform to internationally show the productive capacities of the Galician Automotive Value Chain and to look for new opportunities for business. The The Galician Automotive Technology Centre (CTAG) and the Galician Institute of Economic Promotion (IGAPE), also participated in the event. Representatives of CEAGA and CTAG were present at the conferences to know more on the technological trends that will accompany the development of the world automotive sector in the future.

These actions of international promotion are included in the Strategic Plan of the Sector under the area of Commercial and Marketing.

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