14 September 2023

The ‘Forum of Excellence 4.0’, an initiative of eight Spanish automotive clusters, held its 16th session yesterday, followed by more than 70 professionals, in which the success stories of the companies Maier Ferroplast from Galicia and NTDEnergy from Navarra were presented.

In the Galician case, the “Data Logistics” business intelligence project for the synchronization of the supply chain was explained by Miriam Silva, head of logistics and purchasing at Maier Ferroplast, accompanied by Cristina Compte, senior consultant and business developer from Miebach Consulting.

Also presented in this session was the success story of NTDEnergy, located in Navarra, which delved into the “Lakota” initiative: connected, foldable and multi-purpose electric vehicle for the city of the future. The person responsible for explaining this project was Ricardo Arrondo, company manager.

The ‘Forum of Excellence 4.0’ initiative began a year ago, in September 2022, within the framework of an intercluster collaborative project supported by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, through the call for AEIs. However, the reception has been so good that it has continued to be organized outside of the subsidy.

The clusters involved in this initiative are AEI Rioja (Innovative Business Group of the Automotive sector of La Rioja), AVIA (Valencian Automotive and Mobility Cluster), CAAR (Aragon Automotive and Mobility Cluster), CEAGA (Galician Automotive and Mobility Cluster Foundation), CIAC (Automotive Industry Cluster of Catalonia), FACYL (Automotive and Mobility Cluster of Castilla y León), ACAN (Automotive Cluster Association of Navarra) and GIRA (Mobility Solutions Cantabria).