Los responsables de los Clusters fundadores de ACREA, el pasado día 24 de febrero en la primera reunión.
26 February 2010

After the constitution act celebrated in Madrid last November 19, CEAGA has met other Clusters belonging to ACREA: the País Vasco Cluster (ACICAE), Valencia (AVIA), Cantabria (GIRA) and the existing one in the Community of Castilla y León (FACYL). The meeting took place in the headquarters of the CIDAUT Foundation in Boecillo´s Technological Park, in Valladolid.

In the agenda there was carried out an interventions round of the five clusters to share ”better practices”, and later was elaborated an actions program of cooperation among ACREA´s founding Clusters.

This cooperation program among the clusters, has the aim to agree on a common voice that could represent the partners and defend their interests before the national and European institutions, as well as promote coordination labours and information that they contribute to a major and better collaboration among the Clusters in order to optimize resources.

Among the actions that ACREA tries to start they stand out plans for the intercluster cooperation, communication, automotive specific training and internationalization. All these plans will be projected and developed across Commissions of Work integrated by the different clusters members.

ACREA integrates the clusters that represent five autonomous communities in which the automotive sector has a very relevant weight, they account for near 600 companies (automotive and components manufacturers and research centres). Of all them reach a joint turnover of 43.340 million Euros and employ more than 134.000 people.

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