Los alumnos de la Universidad Corporativa durante la visita a Ence.
17 April 2013

Students at the third edition of the “Management and Development of New Products” Program made, on April 10th, two practical visits as part of its training activity in order to know other sectors. In this occasion, they visited Ence and Connorsa.

Ence Pontevedra is a reference company in the production of eucalyptus pulp and leader in renewable energy production with forest biomass from comprehensive and responsible management of the wood.

During the visit to this factory, the students had the opportunity to meet its production and integrated use of the tree models which allow them to grow in forest biomass renewable energy.

Later, the GDNP students visited the “Conservas del Noroeste” (Connorsa) facilities. This company, located in the Vigo sea inlet, has more than 150 references of processed and canned products using state-of-the-art production technology.

The versatility of this company made up of three independent areas (factory, warehouses and offices) guarantees the final quality control of all its products. On this visit, the students could see the process of preparation and canning of tuna and sardine, followed by the tour to the warehouse in order to see the labeling and packaging processes.