24 July 2019

CEAGA participates in a new collaborative project with the University of Vigo, Igape, the CSIC, the University of Miño and CEIIA (Portugal). The objective is to identify emerging skills, support entrepreneurship and generate new business opportunities in the productive system of the mobility industries, in the area of the euro region Galicia – Portugal northern.

The initiatives that this project will launch are associated with advanced mobility (it assumes connected, autonomous, electric and shared mobility competencies) and extended because it intends to share different sectors such as automotive and ICT.

The MoBAE project, which will end in 2021, will complement and strengthen entrepreneurship support initiatives such as Business Factory Auto (BFA) and 4Scale (Portugal) accelerators, since it will carry out a mapping of entrepreneurship agents in Galicia and Portugal northern, will attract investors and improve the conditions for the appearance of new business initiatives in the field of mobility in the euro region.

The launch meeting of this initiative was held on July 18 at the University of Vigo and all participating partners attended.