30 January 2015

CEAGA has started a new edition of the BenchManager Project, a tool developed to carry out the ellaboration of positioning competitive reports. This project allows the companies the quantification of their competitive situation among the rest of the Cluster companies on the base of a set of indicators and better Lean practices adapted to the needs and particularities of the sector. At all time the confidentiality of the information is preserved.

Every participant company will have a series of constructed reports, individualized and valued for those who will be analyzed the competitive position of the company in different areas like logistics, quality and production.

Due to the differences between the processes and the realities of the big components manufacturers, the indicators have been chosen by the aim that the results are really comparable and adapted to the reality of the companies.

So, BenchManager´s aim is double:
– For the companies, to analyze comparatively their current situation and their evolution opposite to the rest of companies of the sector, detecting areas of improvement.
– For CEAGA, to do a follow-up of the evolution of the level of competitiveness of the sector.