CEAGA participa activamente en la red de “Competitividad energética”.
29 April 2013

The Igape has constituted several cooperation networks among the different Galician clusters to share good practices and to get to know more about specific focus areas to help and improve competitiveness.

The Galician Automotive Cluster takes part in the group “Energy competitiveness” , which started its activity last April 25th, with the aim to share good practices, to reflect about the best type of energy according to the size and the consumption of the company and to identify new possibilities in renewable energy.

This first meeting focused on the topics of costs, quality and energy efficiency.

This energy cooperation network counts with the participation of other clusters, such as: Logistics, Aquaculture and Renewable energies. IGAPE plays a key role as the facilitator of the group while the INEGA (Galician Energy Institute) is in charge of providing technical support.