9 January 2018

23 professionals of the Galician Automotive Sector started, on December 14th, the training program about ”The transformation of logistics in an environment of Industry 4.0”, organized by the CEAGA Corporate University.

This initiative is involving professionals who occupy positions of responsibility in the area of logistics, for which it is necessary to know what is the 4th Industrial Revolution and how will affect the new trends and logistics tools 4.0, both internally and in the supply chain.

Throughout the entire program, the participants are working with a methodology that combines the latest learning techniques in the subject complemented with dynamic sessions and practical cases, simulations and discussion groups that support an experimental learning approach.

After the Christmas break, participants will start again this training on January 16th with a module on ”Data Analytics” and another of ”New technologies and solutions in storage.”

The new Factory of the Future or the Industry 4.0 also requires a logistics 4.0, which makes it possible the transformation process to reach all the actors that intervene in the supply chain and that is ready, therefore, to face the new challenges of the future. For this reason this program arises, which aims that those responsible for the logistics area of the Cluster companies are aware of the transformations, trends and emerging technologies in the field of logistics 4.0.

This Program has been designed based on the third Strategic Plan for competitive improvement of the Galician Automotive Sector 2016-2020 and is funded by IGAPE, the Galician Government and the FSE.