4 December 2017

24 Sector professionals are currently participating in the training ”The Manager 4.0” and have been able to share good practices, related to Industry 4.0, in different plants of the Sector. In this way, the managers have already visited the facilities of the companies Lupeon, GKN Driveline Vigo, Denso Sistemas Térmicos España and TI Group Automotive.

In these visits they have been able to delve into cutting-edge topics of the Factory of the Future such as additive manufacturing or the work carried out by these companies to increase the connectivity of the machines.

The main objectives of the Program, which will finish next December 19th, are: to help the managers to understand the changes associated with digital transformation and their implications in the strategy and operations of their companies. In addition to giving them a global vision and a specific understanding of the different enabling technologies of the “Factory of the Future”, constituting an ideal forum to network and share experiences, challenges and opportunities presented in this new context.

This training, that started last November 7th, has a total duration of 40 hours and an eminently practical approach, since it is divided in two blocks: one of basics, that combines the exposition of concepts with the presentation of numerous examples and real cases to help assimilate and internalize knowledge, and a practical block, developed in plants of the Sector companies.

This Program has been designed based on the third Strategic Plan for competitive improvement of the Galician Automotive Sector 2016-2020 and is funded by Igape, the Galician Government and the FSE.