Borja Villamor, Consultor y profesor de la Universidad Corporativa CEAGA.
11 March 2011

The second teacher interviewed in this new section focused in the Management and Development of New Products program is Borja Villamor, INDRA Consultant. This professional has great experience in the training area and change management, and has participated in numerous projects for important companies such as: Natural Gas – Union Fenosa, Ferrovial, Mercedes, Banesto and Halcón Viajes.

In this first UCC training program, he has taught Skills subjects and his main characteristic as a trainer is focused on promoting the involvement of students.

– Why do you consider a differentiator the Skill subject in a technical program?

There are two reasons that I would highlight.
I think that it is an unquestionable truth that one person hardly reach the levels of capacity, expertise and development to achieve the organizations. This fact is inseparably linked to the union of individuals, and merge it therefore can be considered one of the keys to success.
On the other hand, another key to the success of organizations is their technical capacity. Professionals are in CEAGA organizations have an enviable technical training consisting of a higher education, in many cases of engineering and high professional experience in the automotive sector.
Both factors highlight the importance of a program to facilitate skills development in skills associated with that occupation. On the one hand, the need to work with teams of people in the best way possible, getting the maximum benefit, and on the other hand, a deviation in the knowledge necessary to make the acquisition even more spread this knowledge.

-How does the application in the workplace of the skills taught?

Skills developed in which I participated during the program impact in three directions:
1.- Personal: One application for the development of communication skills or teamwork or public exhibition, is the relationships within and outside of work. We can be more effective to transmit what we want, be more influential, better listen … aspects that affect the way I relate to people well outside of work.
2.- Team: Generate a stimulating work environment and benefits the team trained on everything.
3.- Organization: The result of a management team that develops their skills to benefit people who make up the organization, teams generate consequently more able to embrace change, more dynamic, more motivated, more committed and more oriented towards a common goal.

– Describe in one sentence your experience in the UCC.

Working with CEAGA professionals is a stimulating experience. In a highly technical program such as this one, developing skills promotes a forum where speakers and participants create a unique learning community, where they share the desire to learn, expand their critical capacity, experience and knowledge. Once again it has been a real pleasure.