Imagen del acto, al que acudieron más de 30 profesionales del Sector.
20 March 2014

The Galician Automotive Sector has a Corporate Social Responsibility Guide for all Cluster companies to apply it in the enterprises.

This Guide was presented, last March 18th at the CEAGA facilities, by the Cluster President, José Luciano Martínez Covelo, and the General Director of Work and Social Economy (Xunta de Galicia), Odilo Martiñá, that emphasized the importance of social responsibility in business management and in the relation with the stakeholders.

In the act also participated Inés Ruiz de Arana, CSR Coordinator of Gestamp, who explained the importance of the Corporate Social Responsibility in her organization.

One of the main objectives of this document, wrote with the support of the General Direction of Work and Social Economy, is trying to provide a common basis for standardizing the effort that the Sector companies make in the CSR area and explore improvement alternatives for the established standards.

The Corporate Social Responsibility is not a new concept for the automotive sector, because the Sector is applying for years trough an economic, social and environmental commitment, but, above all, through a continuous commitment around the companies competitiveness.