Módulo ”Ergonomía” en las instalaciones de Borgwarner Emissions Systems, en Vigo
11 April 2019

The eleventh edition of the Lean Expert Development Plan of CEAGA is already underway. For the first time, it has four groups, one of the Initiation level, two of the Junior level and one of the Senior level. A total of 52 professionals from 23 different companies participate, representing the largest participation since the creation of the program.

The Lean Expert Development Plan is an initiative organized by CEAGA, which offers a totally practical program, structured in four levels of training (Initiation, Junior, Senior and Expert), according to the degree of specialization in Lean tools. Each level consists of a training module for theoretical-practical training, carried out in different industrial plants, and the development of a workshop for individual improvement in the plants of the participants.

This program is aimed at the people responsible for managing the entire Lean process within the company, as well as everyone involved in supporting the implementation and deployment of Lean principles in the plant.

Since its launch, in 2009, more than 350 professionals of the Sector from 44 companies have participated in the program. There have been 210 sessions of ”active learning” in plants of participating companies and 280 successful Lean projects have been carried out and audited.

This week, the two junior level groups attended a training module on ”Ergonomics” at the facilities of Nueva Pescanova, in Porriño, and Borgwarner Emissions Systems, in Vigo.