Imagen de uno de los encuentros de los Responsables de Recursos Humanos del Sector.
16 May 2013

Last May 13th started a new round of meetings of the four working groups that compose the People network. These new sessions focused on important topics for the Sector related to Human Resources such as: ergonomics, training, flexibility and absenteeism.

Prior to these working sessions, on April 16th, a meeting of the “People Commission” took place. This Comission is integrated by the pilots and co-pilots of the four working groups and its purpose is to follow up and assess the progress and outcomes of the Network.

The People Network, has the aim of providing a forum to share experiences, best practices and knowledge among professionals of Human Resources of the CEAGA companies in alignment with the PAC 2020.

The network was created in late of October 2012 involving 57 people from 28 companies of the Cluster.