El Gerente de CEAGA participando en el Congreso internacional de clusters.
21 September 2015

Last September 10th and 11th took place, in Santiago de Compostela, the “V AT Clusters Conference – III Spanish Cluster Conference”, organized by the IGAPE and the Clusters National Federation.

CEAGA actively participated in this meeting with other innovative organizations, national and international clusters, researchers, consultants, governments and multilateral organizations that work to improve the competitiveness and performance of the business.

The overall objective of this conference focused on fostering the development of the clusters excellence, providing updated information about its political, economic and social context as well as opportunities for creation or strengthening relations between them.

In the framework of this meeting, the General Direction of Industry announced a 60% increase in the budget for the clusters. Also participated, in this event, the Policy Officer of the DG for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission, which emphasized the importance of excellence for this type of organizations and for this reason, the requirements of the governments will increase to the clusters.

Galicia is an example of excellent clusters, since the three cluster organizations are accredited Gold Label in Spain, two are in Galicia: the automotive cluster and the wood cluster.

With the objective of searching excellence, the clusters become true engines and business developers and the Clusters National Federation, renamed Cluster.es, will work to provide a platform for improving the clusters in the searching of the excellence.

To this end, CEAGA has assumed the vice-presidency of the National Federation, Clusters.es, to promote important projects in the coming years. The new management team is headed by IDIA cluster (Aragón) and has two vice presidents, one is held by CEAGA and other by GAIA (País Vasco).