El Presidente de CEAGA durante su intervención en la Asamblea.
27 March 2015

Last March 26th, the Cluster General Assembly took place in Porriño. This act was attended by 70 representatives of the Sector, interested in knowing the situation of the Sector in the last period and in knowing the results of the main CEAGA projects.

The event closed with the participation of the Galician Autonomous Government President, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and the Regional Minister of Economy and Industry, Francisco Conde.

During his speech, the President of the Cluster, José Luciano Martínez Covelo, which started yesterday a new period as a President of the CEAGA’s Board, emphasized the importance of elaborating a new sectorial plan in order to improve four important aspects for the automotive industry: the logistics, the flexibility, the innovation and the internationalization.

Moreover, the CEAGA Assembly had the participation of the CEAGA Vice-president and General Director of PSA Vigo, Yann Martin, who highlighted the collaboration of PSA and CEAGA to find opportunities for Galician suppliers in order to face the production of the new K9 project.

Furthermore, CEAGA representatives of strategic projects, in the context of the Action Plan PAC 2020, participated in this act.