El Vicepresidente Ejecutivo de Compras de Seat, Ralf Brandstätter, en un momento de su intervención en el salón de actos del CTAG.
22 May 2009

Last may 20, took place, in the facilities of the CTAG, a Conference about the Purchasing Strategy of the Volkswagen Group, in which there intervened Francisco Anguera, Chairman of the Copo’s Group and CEAGA’s President, Alberto Cominges, CEAGA’s Director and Ralf Brandstätter representative of Purchasing of the brand SEAT. The latter was coming accompanied by Maria Elisa Prol, of Galician roots, who also is employed at the Purchasing Direction.

In the first part of the act, CEAGA’s Director, Alberto Cominges, announced the CEAGA Foundation as a representative of the totality of the Galician automotive industry, emphasizing its relevant paper in the cooperation history of the sector and the Strategic Plan implementation. Later he presented the Galician components automotive sector, emphasizing their main strengths.

Next, the Vice-President of Seat’s Purchasing explained the organizational structure of the VW group purchasing and their operation and strategy. SEAT’s plant in Martorell is responsible for feeding the database of Spanish suppliers and place in the processes around the VW group. The process of selecting suppliers puts great emphasis not only in the price, but it also takes into account other factors such as quality, R & D, logistics or financial situation.

In this way, Ralf Brandstätter said that the key objective of the VW group, as far as purchasing is concerned, is to develop a sustainable and competitive suppliers and it is essential to the brand do not lose value for the customer.

This conference had a great reception among the Cluster companies, so it was attended more than twenty companies interested in knowing the procedure to be able to become suppliers of the VW Group.
Moreover, the executive Vice-President SEAT’s Purchasing, Ralf Brandstätter, visited several CEAGA´s companies with the purpose of knowing personally their productive process as well as their offer of products and services.

In the previous meetings with the representatives of SEAT, and after analyzing the profiles of CEAGA´s companies, they decided to perform visits to the following plants: Inergy Automotive System, VIZA Automotive and Copo’s Group of Investments. Also they visited the Galician Automotive Technological Centre, CTAG, to know the capacities of development of the centre and how this one gives support to the companies.

With this initiative CEAGA tries to promote the Galician components sector to the main automotive companies and so develop new business opportunities for their member companies.

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