8 April 2024

60 professionals of the sector followed on the 4th, in person and streaming, the third technical conference “Innovative projects in the automotive sector”, where the results of the collaborative projects, managed by CEAGA, in the framework of the aids to the Innovative Business Clusters 2023 of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, were presented.

In this meeting the different innovative projects developed in companies of the Cluster with the aim of contributing to improve the competitiveness of companies, especially SMEs, were presented. Specifically, the initiatives promoted are:

  • AUTOPAPERLESS II: second phase of the AUTOPAPERLESS project, which promotes the digitalization of documentation associated with production processes in the automotive sector with the aim of becoming a “zero paper” factory. Participants: CEAGA, ACLUNAGA, Adhex Tech Tapes, Ancora, Goycar, Magna Seating Vigo, ASM.
  • DATA LOGISTICS II: second phase of the DATA LOGISTICS project, which aims to make further progress in the digitization of the sector through the design and implementation of a logistics balanced scorecard, using Big Data and Business Intelligence. Participants: CEAGA, CIAC, Adhex Tech Tapes, Maier Ferroplast, Industrias Proa, T2C.
  • DIGIFACT: project based on Predictive Analytics to improve information flows and interfaces between customer needs and production characteristics (machine constraints, shifts, batch sizes, etc.). Participants: CEAGA, CAAR, Componentes de Vehículos de Galicia, Maier Ferroplast, Tecnogap, Kaizen Institute, SMRC Automotive Interiors Spain.
  • GOFLEXENERGY: optimized energy consumption management project. The feasibility of new business models associated with virtual energy communities is the focus of the invetigaction, energy flexibility and photovoltaic energy production were optimized in companies with self-consumption. Participants: CEAGA, AEI Galicia Digital, Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG), Bamboo Energy, Nexus Energía, Adhex Tech Tapes, Denso Sistemas Térmicos, Recuperadora Gallega de Disolventes (Regadi).
  • IA4ZERO DEFECTS II: second phase of the IA4ZERO DEFECTS project, which continues to develop a quality control system for final parts using artificial intelligence, combined with 3D laser and 2D and 3D vision, with the aim of achieving zero defects in the production of components. Participants: CEAGA, AEI Galicia Digital, Unimate Robótica, Logicmelt, Inplasor Galicia, Decuna, TI Fluid Systems, Grupo Empresarial Copo.

Projects funded by: