12 January 2017

Last January 9th started the first edition of the Business Factory Auto (BFA) initiative with nine companies set up and installed at the Porto do Molle headquarters in Nigrán, provided by the Consortium of the Zona Franca Vigo.

Finally, in this first acceleration program, nine companies participate and it’s located in a common room, where it will begin to receive training and mentoring.
The acceleration phase, which will end on July 31st, is now underway with the following companies:
– CABB 16 (Spin-out that will develop an electric / electronic ultra-light distribution system for electric vehicles).
– Eccocar (Startup of the Car Sharing p2p area).
– Efitransa (Several companies spin-out about automation and optimization of automotive load and components in multi-purpose transportation).
– Flythings (Spin-off that will develop a software tool facilitating the internet of the things in production plants).
– HUMAT (Spin-out specialized in collaborative robotics).
– Retroffiting and reengineering of processes in automotive companies (Startup).
– Predictive system for detection of defects (Spin-off).
– Situm Factory Indoor (Spin-off offering a locating platform inside the factories).
– VMS Automotive (Spin-out for the manufacture and commercialization of a three-wheeled vehicle, 100% electric).

The BFA initiative has been driven by the Ministry of Economy, Employment and Industry of the Galician Government, the Consortium of Zona Franca Vigo, the PSA Group and CEAGA. The aim of the Business Factory Auto is to identify, accelerate and consolidate projects specialized in automotive and transforming them into viable and scalable innovative companies that attract and retain talent.