Formadores del MIT: Ricardo Valerdi, Hugh L McManus y Richard B Lewis.
13 December 2010

CEAGA Corporate University, with the Lean area of the Cluster, has launched a very innovative training course in collaboration with the Lean Advancement Initiative of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This training course was given on 9, 10 and 11th December by Richard B Lewis, Ricardo Valerdi and Hugh L McManus.

The Lean Enterprise Value (LEV) Simulation is a unique simulation tool to demonstrate the value and challenges of applying Lean principles and practices at the enterprise level.

The objective of this training was, in addition to the training of assistants; train them for the application in their own plant.

During the simulation, participants learned advanced lessons about Lean implementation at the enterprise level, to quantify the improvements achieved with the Lean and change management in a complex company.

In short, the LEV simulation is a tool to support the Lean training, which provides a realistic context for learning to experience advanced knowledge about Lean.

This course was very well received by member companies of the Cluster, as it involved 18 people from 11 different companies, and one third of the students belonged to automotive centers located outside the region.

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