Curso Básico de Gestión de Subvenciones celebrado en las instalaciones del Cluster.
5 May 2011

CEAGA Corporate University has organized a Basic Grants Management Program, of 15 hours of duration, directed to plant managers, financiers, departments of R&D and of all those directly or indirectly involved in the search process and grants management.

This training course took place last May 2th and 3th, in the CEAGA facilities, and 18 representatives from 7 Cluster companies attended this event.

The Basic Subvention Management Program had the follow objectives:
– To know the updated grants map, so much of helps to the investments as to the projects R&D, applicable to the Galician Automotive Sector.
– To organize the needed internal necessary resources to participate successfully in these tenders.
– To provide the required skills to manage and direct the preparation of grants requests.

If you wish more information, do not hesitate to contact us:

Abel Tintos
Tel. 986 213 790