10 November 2021

The ‘Forum of Excellence 4.0’, an initiative of eight Spanish automotive clusters, held its third session yesterday, in which the success stories of the Gestamp Vigo were presented, in conjunction with the Business Factory Auto (BFA) project, DataAir (from Perfect Numbers company), which have shared their innovative compressed air and gas leak monitoring system.

The DataAir project has developed a pilot at Gestamp’s Galician plant to implement its low-cost solution, which allows them to monitor compressed air and welding gas installations for the early detection of leaks and consumption outside the usual range.

The success story of Nissan Barcelona was also presented in this session. The person in charge was José Luis Fraile, responsible for Maintenance Engineering and Productive Facilities of the Assembly Plant, who delved into the initiative developed by the Maccion and Innovae companies for a universal notification management system through Smartwatch, with the result of a 50% improvement in the action time on factory alerts.

The online session was followed by around 150 professionals from the Spanish automotive industry.

CEAGA and seven other national automotive clusters have come together to launch this project. The objective of this initiative, supported by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within the framework of the 2021 call for AEIS, is to know the transformation process of different companies associated with the clusters to share knowledge and evaluate the possibility of putting tractor projects that are transversal to the entire industry and to all territories.