Alumnos de la cuarta edición del Programa ”Gestión y Desarrollo de Nuevos Productos” realizando una de las pruebas en grupo.
28 January 2014

CEAGA Corporate University organized an outdoor activity for students at the fourth edition of the “Management and Development of New Products” Program. This activity, which took place last January 24th in Monte Galiñeiro, marked the beginning of the GDNP second phase where students will start to work in projects.

This meeting consisted on organizing different tests and activities per teams (the same ones that will be working at the final projects) with the following goals:

– To reinforce the cohesion of the group and facilitate the rapid integration of each one of the project teams in order to start the project phase in full performance.

– To implement and consolidate the teamwork principles previously learned in the classroom.

– To become a milestone between the first stage of the project (more conceptual) and the second one (eminently practical), recognizing the students effort with a playful and experiential activity.

This activity was very rewarding and productive for students who face this second phase of the Program with energy and hopefully.