8 May 2017

Last Friday, May 5th, finished the training initiative in ”Programming ABB. Level I ”, organized by the CEAGA Corporate University with the aim of teaching students the management and basis of programming ABB robots.

This course, of 32 hours, responds to a need of the Sector companies, who demand training in the areas of automation and robotics facing the new Industry 4.0. Therefore, it had a very practical methodology, intercalating technical training in classroom and practical training with a robot. In addition, during the training simulated activities and problems that students will face when working with their robots.

This training was attended by nine professionals from the Sector, mainly production and maintenance personnel with the need to know the possibilities of the robot language in order to solve the usual problems of programming and to understand the program structure and modifications at a basic level.

This course again demonstrates the great collaboration that exists in the Galician automotive industry, since CEAGA organized the initiative, the PSA Group put the means ceding its facilities and robots to impart the classes and Unimate Robótica contributed the knowledge through a teacher.