23 March 2022

In a meeting held last week at the CEAGA headquarters, the members of the Demand and Supply Commissions of the Industrial Digital Innovation Hub of Galicia, DIHGIGAL, met for the first time. Through this meeting, the key agents of the hub ecosystem were able to work together to generate digital transformation projects.

During the meeting, more than 15 entities, universities and companies from the industrial sectors of Galicia were able to work hand in hand in a workshop to share experiences and develop new ideas and possible collaboration projects in the field of Industry 4.0.

This conference was held within the framework of the INTERTECH4.0 project with the participation of DIHGIGAL, CEAGA, CLUSAGA, ACLUNAGA, ICT Cluster, PISA – Innovation Projects and TripleAlpha. INTERTECH4.0 is an initiative that aims to bring companies together on the same intersectoral platform where they can find 4.0 solutions and promote the generation of digitization projects. This project is funded by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, within the framework of the call for aid to support Innovative Business Groups (AEI).