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Xoia Extending Reality develops augmented and virtual reality solutions for Industry 4.0 in order to digitize, preserve and transfer knowledge; eliminate geographical barriers by providing immediacy and speeding up the training of technicians; reduce reliance on experts; maximize performance; reduce errors and accidents, and view information of interest in real time or contextualized instructions about the work environment in order to optimize processes.

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Augmented Factory: Xoia provides a digitization solution that, through augmented reality, allows companies to preserve, transfer and project the technical knowledge of their different areas, operations, maintenance, support, etc. Its purpose is to prevent knowledge from being lost when the most experienced technicians or operators are no longer in the company and to centralize and preserve this knowledge in a single tool so that it can be transferred to anyone, anywhere in the world and in the most illustrative way. possible, using animated 3D instructions on the work environment and thus making low-skilled operators autonomous, in the face of complex procedures, or providing immediate remote support without displacing personnel.
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Xoia develops its multiplatform augmented reality solutions, both through smartphone or tablet devices and Hololens 2 glasses, to contextualize relevant information about the real world. In this way, it supports the diagnosis of incidents in real time about what is happening in the environment and all this is centralized through a web platform on which, in a simple and versatile way, any technician can transform their experience into knowledge to share, as well as connect with anyone in any part of the world and give assistance in augmented reality. Likewise, Xoia applies augmented and virtual reality to:
- VR Training for Human Resources and Occupational Risk Prevention
- Augmented reality tool for Commercial and Marketing
- Optimization of processes
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Calle Real nº20, 1º
15003 A Coruña
Phone: 881 925 437

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