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Main value chain Tier 1
Company description

The Snop production plant in Nigrán is owned by Snop Estampación, S.A. part of the FSD group, with headquarters in La Pobla de Claramunt (Barcelona). The plant was inaugurated in October 2012.Their main activities are metal transformation via stamping, profiling and bending, as well as manual and robotic resistance and MAG welding assembly.

Products and services

Module or function

  • Cockpit
  • Door module
  • Front End
  • Rear end
  • Seats
Shaped metal parts and assembled sub-assemblies. The materials used are plain steel and stainless steel.
Processes and technologies
  • Assembly
  • Joining processes
  • Metal shaping
Stamping, profiling and manual and robotic resistance and MAG welding assembly.
Two automatic 1200 t presses, profiling line with integrated 250 t press, 2 bending machines, 4 robot MAG welding cells, 4 robot resistance welding cells and 6 manual resistance manual welding machines.

Main customers

Stellantis, Mercedes, Faurecia, Gestamp.

Address and phone

Parque Empresarial Porto do Molle Rúa Montes da Barxa s/n
36350 Nigrán
Phone: 986 368 094
Fax: 986 364 002

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