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This company develops flexible automated solutions for industrial production. They offer a tool that gives versatility to the cells, making it possible to reconfigure the same robotic cell from one production run to another in a matter of minutes. The flexibility of the worktables is combined with energy efficiency and simplicity as it is a passive system, without motors (driven by the robot itself) and highly accurate (allowing machining and drilling operations with less than 14 microns of variation). They provide flexibility in the last part of the work triangle of a robotic cell (Robot – Work cradle – tool). They are described as low cost flexibility.

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Creation of a "flexible cradle" solution that allows a robot to reconfigure its cell to be able to make different part references quickly, efficiently and autonomously.

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  • Automation and robotics
  • Engineering
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Calle Progreso 20
36400 O Porriño
Phone: 678707575

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