Recuperadora Gallega de Disolventes, S.L.



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Auxiliary value chain
Company description

Collection, management and recovery of waste organic solvents.

Products and services

Auxiliary services

  • Industrial supplies
  • Process outsourcing
Collection and recovery of solvent residues (LER 080111: paint residues containing organic solvents / LER 140603: other solvents and solvent mixtures) and sale of recovered solvents.
Processes and technologies
Thin film evaporator (AFTE) for solvent recovery and fractional distillation tower for individual separation of solvents from a mixture.

Main customers

Industrias Proa, Groupe PSA, Maier Ferroplast, Plastic Omnium Componentes, Egeo Solventes, etc.

Address and phone

Carretera de Salceda, km 0.7
36400 Porriño
Phone: 986 344 082
Fax: 986 332 102

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