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Main value chain Tier 1
Auxiliary value chain
Company description

Precisgal Componentes de Automoción S.L. was founded in 1997 in response to a specialization required from clients to meet their needs for mass production machining. From its start until now, Precisgal Componentes has become more and more involved in mechanised production. Using steel as raw material and carrying out turning, milling and grinding processes, Precisgal Componentes supplies parts to various continents from Vigo.

Products and services

Module or function

  • Engine
  • Safety electronics / vehicle dynamics
  • Transmission
Mass produced automotive components, ABS rings and magnetic encoders.

Auxiliary services

  • Process outsourcing
- Machining of large, medium and small series using turning, milling and grinding processes in multiple axis.
- Machining of production complements.
- Electrostatic Zn-Al Coating (GEOMET 321), which leads to parts with greater anti-corrosion properties.
- Injection of rubber with metal filler.
Processes and technologies
  • Metal shaping
- Turning (spindle - sub-spindle)
- Twin turning
- 5-axis milling

Main customers

VAG Group, GKN, Nissan, Frenos y Conjuntos, Seat, Dana Group, etc.

Address and phone

Subida al Monte Alba s/n, La Garrida - Valladares
36315 Vigo
Phone: 986 467 049
Fax: 986 467 802

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