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Sales information

Main value chain Tier 3
Company description

Otebra is a company, founded in 1982, involved in the manufacture of rods for automotive seat frames as well as other parts of the vehicle such as steering wheels, external protectors for headlights, tanks, seat belt buckle guides, bonnet, brakes, boot and doors. Otebra´s products are mainly addressed to original equipment suppliers located in Galicia, which represent more than 96% of its turnover. Less than a 4% of its sales come from customers located either in other Spanish regions or abroad.

Products and services

Module or function

  • Driving position
  • Front End
  • Seats
  • Tanks
- Rods for automotive seat frames
- Rods, from 5 up to 12 mm. of diameter, installed in the steering wheels of the NISSAN F91G project
- Right and left side rods for brake pedals, supplied to Inergy Automotive Systems since 1996
- Rods for van bonnets
- Rods placed on the exterior of the vehicle to protect headlights
- Fastening rods for fuel tanks
- Seat belt buckle guide
Processes and technologies
  • Metal shaping
Their processes involve the straightening and cutting of wires of different diameters (from 2-12 mm) according to the size required for the development of each piece; these are then shaped using presses or pneumatic/hydraulic machines, taking into account customer specifications. They also manufacture parts using CNC machinery for wires of 4 - 10 mm diameter.

Main customers

Tier 1 suppliers and Viza Automoción.

Address and phone

Severino Cobas, 63 interior, Naves 3-4
36214 Vigo
Phone: 986 271 124

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