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Muutech was created in 2017 as an IT and industrial monitoring company. It offers innovative services to companies, from sensors to machines and information systems, easily in a single platform. They help each user of the data in the company to easily and visually access information in real time, preventing and detecting problems, facilitating informed decision making.

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  • Diverse
  • Engineering
Expert in monitoring, it provides the tools and service to help companies obtain and correlate data from different sources (IoT sensors, robots, PLCs, APIs, MES, ERP, databases, industrial protocols, IT infrastructure, communication in network, business data and e-commerce, etc.) breaking down information silos. Through a cloud or on-premise platform (Minerva), data is transformed into information through alarms that combine data from different sources, its historical and real-time, with predictive capacity and that can trigger automated actions, allowing users to make real-time data-driven decisions.
Processes and technologies
  • Other technologies
It works developing software with a multidisciplinary engineering team, using the latest technologies in development, monitoring and infrastructure.

Main customers

Magna Seating Vigo, CIE Automotive, TBSI, etc.

Address and phone

Área Portuaria de Bouzas s/n, Ed. Consorcio Zona Franca Of1 – Oficina C2
36208 Vigo
Phone: 639 592 097

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