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Movelco develops, industrialises, manufactures, distributes and sells the widest range of 100% electric vehicles. The company prides itself on its vast experience in the field of sustainable mobility. The company offers its clients professionalism and experience, confident that they can meet all their requirements. Movelco is supported by a strong industrial structure and is owned by the most prestigious electric vehicle manufacturers in the industry and by a group of leading companies in the marketing and after-sales service in the automotive industry. They also provide the most advanced and comprehensive support and after sales service on the market.
Movelco is also an electrical mobility consultancy that provides support services for sustainable logistic requirements. They provide customized solutions adapted to the specific problems of each client.

Products and services

Auxiliary services

  • Diverse
Movelco has two working divisions:
- In one hand, they offer a wide range of electric vehicles, from motorbikes and off-road vehicles, to 4x4 vehicles, industrial vehicles, passenger cars and multi-passenger vehicles.
- On the other hand, they provide electric mobility consulting services, developing sustainable logistic systems which meet their clients´ needs. These solutions are tailor-made and adapted to the required specifications. Movelco is committed to providing solutions that are both efficient and 100% environmentally responsible.
Processes and technologies
  • Assembly
- Vehicle assembly line.
- Consulting and business development department.
- Logistic systems design and innovation department.

Main customers

Inditex, Acciona, Iberdrola, Mancomunidad Sureste de Gran Canaria, Monfragüe natural park, Recalvi, ECASA (Empresa Cubana de Aeropuertos y Servicios Aeronáuticos), Public Administration, Hogomar, Bodegas Altos de Torona, Transimport, Joma, Prosetecnisa, etc.

Address and phone

Camiño Caramuxo, 41
36213 Vigo
Phone: 886 113 828

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