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This company stands out in the field of innovation in the electromobility sector. It is responsible for the development of machines and software for the analysis and recovery of batteries of vehicles with electric components, i.e. hybrid (NiMH) and 100% electric (Ion-Li). It contains a management software for the exchange of modules for the maintenance of batteries, in addition to establishing the development of SaaS for the knowledge of the state of health (SoH) of the batteries, thus performing engineering projects in electromobility. It is also in charge of safety and maintenance training for vehicles with electric components.


Products and services

Auxiliary services

  • Engineering
  • Maintenance and services
Analysis, valorization and revaluation of vehicle batteries with electric components.
Processes and technologies
  • Electrical material
Automation of the process of analyzing the health status of Ni-MH (hybrid vehicles) and Lithium-Ion (100% electric) batteries.

Main customers

NEM Motors, Gomur Engines & Services, Centros Integrados de Formación Profesional de Galicia, Evocom, etc.

Address and phone

Área Portuaria de Bouzas. Ed. Zona Franca, s/n Planta Of1, Puerta C8 36208 Vigo - (Pontevedra)
36208 Vigo
Phone: 622 871 006

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