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Multinational specialising in global logistics with headquarters in Vigo and offices in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Morocco, Angola, South Africa, India and China. Kaleido, thanks to its experience and logistic resources together with its R&D and innovation division, provide its customers with innovative solutions which range from software development to the implementation of Self Driving Vehicles (SDVs) technologies. Kaleido Supply Chain Management (Kaleido SCM) is the area specialising in transport logistics, warehousing and added value services. They have extensive and proven experience implementing integrated management systems and supply chain process standards. They offer tailored solutions either at their facilities or at the customer´s ones, both in the Iberian Peninsula and abroad, placing special attention on the value contribution.

Products and services

Auxiliary services

  • Diverse
  • Logistics and transport
KALEIDO SCM covers the complete cycle of needs, from transport, customs dispatch and warehousing to added value logistic services (quality inspection, revisions, etc) in compliance with the customers requirements and specifications. Services:
- Warehousing with the possibility of customs, non-customs and temporary warehouse.
- Customs services
- Externalisation of in-house logistics
- Goods transport
- Goods insurance
- Added value logistic services (picking and re-packing; reworking)
- Logistic consulting solutions (evaluation and design of turnkey logistic projects, design and organisation of warehouses, design of stock control systems, etc.)
Processes and technologies
  • Other technologies
KALEIDO holds the following certificates: AEO (Authorised economic Operator), ISO 9001, 14001 and 166.002, EMAS, IATA, BIMCO, OHSAS and TRACE (anti-bribing). They provide advice on re-engineering processes, computing and innovative logistic alternatives, designing individual and immediate solutions.
Their most recent developments include:
- KARBONTRACK: tool for measuring greenhouse gas emissions in logistic projects.
- Indoor positioning system for the methods-time measurement, historic record of routes, heat map, unusual performance detection, etc.
- Tailored software development in warehousing and production environments.
- Implementation of Self Driving Vehicles (SDVs) and fleet smart management software.
- Centralised platform to integrate conditions and freight positions.
- Tool for monitoring and reporting greenhouse gases emissions linked to logistic projects.

Main customers

TRW, Borgwarner, Denso and GKN.

Address and phone

Rúa Pontevedra, 4 - 3º
36201 Vigo
Phone: 986 447 475
Fax: 986 449 691

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