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Auxiliary value chain
Company description

Industrias Proa, founded in 1941, is a paint manufacturer. In 1967 they started to supply the automotive industry, developing and manufacturing paints for bodywork and parts in car plants. Furthermore, they supply paints of all kinds for industrial maintenance, metal decorating and construction. Since 1994 their production site has been on the Gándaras de Prado industrial estate, Porriño.

Products and services

Module or function

  • Boot
  • Door module
  • Exterior elements
  • Front End
  • Rear end
  • Roof
Primers and lacquers for bodywork and components. The latest innovations developed by Proa are high-solid content paints, low temperature drying products and quick drying products which provide improvements in production and reduction of emissions on the client´s production lines.

Auxiliary services

  • Industrial supplies
Technical assistance and support during the application process of all supplied products. Development and certification of new products
Processes and technologies
  • Other technologies
- Automated raw material and finished product processes.
- Production process control via recirculation or direct manufacture.
- Fully equipped and constantly updated laboratories for research, development and control of paints.

Main customers

Stellantis, Maier Ferroplast, Visteon, Crown Cork, L´Oreal, Vinci Construction, etc.

Address and phone

San Salvador de Budiño, Gándaras de Prado
36475 Porriño
Phone: 986 346 525
Fax: 986 346 589

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