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Asientos de Galicia is part of the Faurecia Group, which has 160 factories in 28 countries and has 28 Technical and R&D Centres. Since its founding in 2001, their production has increased to supply Stellantis. Currently, the company is based on the Vigo Technology and Logistics Park with an output of approx. 2,000 vehicles per day; their complete output is made for Stellantis.

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  • Seats
The company produces car seats and has the necessary capital goods (machinery, labs and facilities) and technical capabilities.
Processes and technologies
  • Assembly
The design of the products is performed using modern optimisation and simulation systems. They base their production on the most efficient and punctual Just-In-Time systems: products are delivered in function of the tempo required by each client.

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Polígono Tecnológico y Logístico de Vigo - Calle 3, Parcela 2 - Beade
36312 Vigo
Phone: 986 828 800
Fax: 986 298 844

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