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Evestel specializes in offering integral solutions for the safe and efficient management of vehicle fleets, providing a wide range of services focused on the optimization and safety of transportation. It also develops EmotAI, a driver-oriented tool with critical event detection to improve safety and efficiency while driving, a solution based on computer vision and Artificial Intelligence.

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  • Central console
  • Driving position
  • Engine electronics
  • Safety electronics / vehicle dynamics
  • Sistemas de información
EmotAI is a non-invasive tool to identify driving behaviors and the physical and mental/emotional state of the driver through advanced methods of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, specifically in deep learning models (Deep Learning) for 3D image (video). The objective is to be able to identify through the video image (non-invasive) the phases of driving with high safety risk and / or decreased comfort, factors that correlate directly with the increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. The final result of this project is the implementation of safety and coexistence functions between vehicle and driver, creating an interactive mobility in the interior space of the vehicle to make driving much safer and more pleasant.

Auxiliary services

  • Engineering
  • Maintenance and services
Processes and technologies
  • Other technologies
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Embedded Systems
Electronic Design
Software Development

Main customers

Grupo Castrosua, Puerto A Coruña, Brualla, Candecar, etc.

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Calle Área Portuaria Bouzas s/n puerta C2 Edif. Consorcio
36208 Vigo
Phone: 691 415 043

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